• Green Pest Control Solutions

    Pest control has always been associated with chemicals. Earthwise uses a different approach to pest control. Talk to us about our tailored green and eco-friendly solutions.

  • ‘EarthWise’ is a part of Murray Pest Control, a family owned and operated South Australian Company founded in 1959. Murray Pest Control offers a range of tailored pest solutions that are safe for your family, pets and the environment.

    Conventional pest control companies rely heavily on the use of chemicals, whereas at Earthwise we look at managing your pests in a different way. We have a fundamental belief that there is always a reason behind a pest infestation and it is only by investigating ‘the whys’ and ‘the how’s’ that we are best able to manage and resolve the problem and not just put a band aid on the issue. When companies are just solely relying on chemicals to eradicate an infestation they leave behind the underlying reason as to why there was an issue in the first place and by not addressing this, they leave the door open to further infestations.

    This approach is called Integrated Pest Management or what we call Earth Friendly.

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  • So how does Earth Friendly work? By focusing first on excluding, monitoring and correcting the conditions that attract pests, we can reduce the need to apply chemical products. When necessary, a qualified technician only applies the best available product using the least amount of chemical necessary to achieve control of the problem. Pests won’t know its greener, but you will.

    All our quotes are no obligation, free of charge. Our Pest Management Consultant can come to your place of residence or work to inspect areas of concern and explain the options that are best suited to your individual pest needs.

    At Earthwise we understand that the pest control industry moves quickly and there are new technologies being developed and brought onto the market daily. That is why we are committed to adopting the newest, safest products and techniques available. With our in-house trainer you can be rest assured that our technicians are kept up to date on new developments. All our technicians are police checked & fully licenced.

  • Our Green Pest Management Services

  • Eco-friendly and evironmentally rodent control solutions.

  • Eco-friendly and evironmentally spider control solutions.

  • Eco-friendly and evironmentally termite control solutions.